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Holding Hands
Health and hygiene with a personal touch.

Personal Care

Barber Tools

Helping Hearts Home Care's primary goal is to ensure that our clients look their best. We will assist with showering or bathing to reduce fall risk, and help with shaving, hair combing, applying lotion and any other grooming that is needed.

Healthy Fruit Yogurt

Our caregivers are dedicated to making sure they provide the healthiest and tastiest meals possible. Maintaining a balanced diet is vital in the well-being of our clients. We also make meals more enjoyable by providing companionship while eating.​

In Good Hands

We know that toileting can be a sensitive subject so we try to make this process as dignified as possible. Our goal is to make sure each client has no unpleasant odor and goes on a regular schedule to prevent infections and other hygiene issues.

Elder woman and her caretaker

Daily bathing and dressing may seem like a simple task but it is not for someone who is disabled or elderly. Our caregivers assist with shaving, styling and shampooing hair, and other grooming needs to ensure that your loved ones look and feel their best.


Our staff receives ongoing training on proper transferring and positioning, and on how to keep clients safe while ambulating. We make sure that their space is clutter-free and gait belts are worn. We also make sure that mobile clients stay mobile by walking and exercising daily.  

Folding Clothes

Our caregivers provide light housekeeping services like vacuum, dust, sweep, clean the kitchen, bathrooms, and straighten up to reduce the risk of a fall. We also try to keep your loved one's closets organized, so it will be easier for them and us to find the things needed throughout the day.

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